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Snow Shoveling Tips

Snow shovelling is a mandatory way of life in most parts of the country.  Some people embrace it while others avoid it at all costs.  Here is a list of tips that will keep you healthy when the show hits your pavement: Warm up:  Always…

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Fix Your Shoulder Pain

Do you (or anyone you know) suffer shoulder pain while lifting your arms overhead?.The following information may help..Subacromial Pain Syndrome is one of the most common disorders of the shoulder. .Patients report pain on elevating the arm between 70 ° and 120 °, the “Painful…

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Straight Facts About Foam Rolling

Do you know if your foam roller is helping or hindering your progress?.The following information may help..1. Foam rolling (i.e. Self Myofascial Release or SMR) is a cost-effective alternative to clinician-led massage and has been shown to improve ROM (range of motion), flexibility, and aspects…

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Alcohol And Muscle Recovery

Do you know how alcohol consumption effects muscle recovery?.The following information may help:1. Research has shown that alcohol consumption has a negative effect on muscle recovery and regeneration after training, regardless of adequate protein consumption..2. Excessive alcohol consumption yields immune deficiency, which is critical for…

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More Reasons Why You Are...

Did you know that feeling tired on a regular basis is extremely common and, in most cases, it is caused by simple/reversible lifestyle factors?.As per our previous post, here is a list of more factors:.1. Sleeping at the wrong time. Sleeping during the day can…

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How To Handle Foot Cramps

Do you or someone you know suffer from foot cramps?.The following tips may help it relax..1. If you’re sitting down, stand up and put weight on your cramping foot..2. Actively lift your foot and toes (if standing, walk on your heels), or use your hand…

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Exercise Improves Your Sleep

Did you know that exercise helps you fall asleep faster and wake up more rested?.The following information may help you understand this positive connection..Research shows that exercise will enhance your sleep by reducing stress, tiring you out, and reduce the risk of sleep disorders such…

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Fitting In Exercise

Are you having difficulties with fitting exercise into your busy schedule? The following tips may help if you can’t make it to the gym: 1. Use a wearable step-counter.  This can be a fun way to keep track of your activity and your progress. 2. Take…

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Cover photo for bracing technique and back pain

Bracing For Back Pain

Do you have a weak core and/or low back pain?The following exercise might help. Abdominal Bracing is a technique that stabilizes your spine (and other pain producing tissue(s) around the spine) by “locking the rib cage to the pelvis”. The Technique: Without bending forward, contract your…

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Fall fitness challenge winner front photo

Fall Fitness Challenge Winner 2018

Congratulations to our 2018 Fall Fitness Challenge Winner! Are you looking for a fitness challenge to stay on track in 2019? Contact us today!

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