fitting exercise into busy schedule photo

Fitting In Exercise

Are you having difficulties with fitting exercise into your busy schedule? The following tips may help if you can’t make it to the gym: 1. Use a wearable step-counter.  This can be a fun way to keep track of your activity and your progress. 2. Take…

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Cover photo for bracing technique and back pain

Bracing For Back Pain

Do you have a weak core and/or low back pain?The following exercise might help. Abdominal Bracing is a technique that stabilizes your spine (and other pain producing tissue(s) around the spine) by “locking the rib cage to the pelvis”. The Technique: Without bending forward, contract your…

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Fall fitness challenge winner front photo

Fall Fitness Challenge Winner 2018

Congratulations to our 2018 Fall Fitness Challenge Winner! Are you looking for a fitness challenge to stay on track in 2019? Contact us today!

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Fall Fitness Challenge – Reboot

Fall Fitness Challenge – Reboot! Due to poplular demand!   We are adding a second start date for the Fall Fitness Challenge! Join our 11th annual Fall Fitness Challenge and work with coaches Dr. Wendy and Dr. Kevin Ashby! Two options: 8 week challenge: 2…

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TMJ Anatomy

TMJ Dysfunction Self Treatment Tips

Do you have jaw, neck, or shoulder pain or discomfort?  Do you have persistent earaches, hearing problems, or headaches? The following information may help. Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJD) includes pain with your jaw and the muscle that control your jaw movement Common symptoms of TMJ…

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Modified bicep curls for shoulder pain video

Modified Bicep Curls For Shoulder...

Do you have a history of shoulder pain with bicep curls (Bicep Tendonitis/Tendonosis) and are worried about keeping it in your program?  The following information may help. Biceps tendonitis (inflamed tendon) and biceps tendonosis (non-inflamed degenerative tendon) are injuries of the biceps tendon (typically the…

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Heel jump exercise photo

Heel Jump Exercise For Glutes

Looking for a quick routine for your busy schedule? Try completing 50 of these heel jumps to target your glutes and hamstrings everyday! Use Your Private Insurance Plan To Achieve Your Health & Fitness/Weight loss Goals   Learn more here!  

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Ice Versus Heat For Injuries

Many of our patients have asked if an ice pack or heating pad is appropriate to treat their acute and/or chronic injury. Some are unsure how long the treatments should last. Here’s the answer… ❄Ice Treatment ❄ 📍commonly used for acute injuries (within the last…

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Strengthen Your Glutes To Fix...

Before you pass judgement on the #humpday pics, think of all the knees they will fix. 👉Excessive sitting and/or tight hip flexors may yield dormant butt syndrome. 👉A “dormant butt” (i.e. gluteus maximus & medius weakness) may cause an altered strut (i.e. internally rotated and…

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Weight training myths poster picture

5 Common Weight Training Myths

Weight training myth #1: 🤦‍♂️ Weight training will make women “bulky” . -Sorry folks, that would require excessive amounts of testosterone and calories. Weight training myth #2: 🤦‍♂️ You can spot reduce fat. – Impossible, no amount of targeted exercise will change how that fat…

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