Elite Athlete Spotlight Photo

Athlete Spotlight

Are you an elite athlete or weekend warrior trying to improve your performance while battling digestive issues or injuries? Our spotlight goes to 2X Guinness World Record holder, Canadian ultra runner, and #spartanteamcanada athlete Arielle Fitzgerald. “As a high performance athlete who suffers with IBS,…

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Exercise Improves Your Sleep

Did you know that exercise improves your sleep? It helps you fall asleep faster and wake up more rested. The following shows you this positive connection. Research shows that exercise will enhance your sleep by reducing stress, tiring you out, and reduce the risk of…

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Frozen Treat for Your Sweet Tooth Poster

Frozen Treat for Your Sweet...

Are looking for a frozen treat to satisfy your sweet tooth?Give these Frozen Chocolate Banana Bites a try! Inspired by our many trips to Trader Joes, this is a great recipe for those who do not live close to that amazing grocery store! Ingredients:4 bananas,…

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Wellness family photo

Wellness, Balance, Play and Time

We often talk about food, clothing and shelter as the essential needs for wellness and life. But what about the essential need for joy?! Many research studies have linked longevity and wellness to connectivity…those with strong support networks, love and connection seem to have better…

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Summer Fitness Sale

Take a big step into the Summer With Our Fitness Sale! Receive the following services on this limited time offer: Doctor-Supervised Flexible Meal Plans Doctor-Supervised Training Plans With Injury Rehab Unlimited Online Coaching & Support Training Plans Are At-Home Or Gym-Facility Based Purchase the following…

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Teeth Whitening Now Available

Teeth Whitening Now Available At Endurance On 8thFinding the perfect teeth whitening takes time, so we did the hard work for you. We present to you our latest crush, SunnaSmile, an organic teeth whitening service that removes stains, fights bacteria and create pearly white smiles in as…

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Transform Injured Body Photo

Transform Your Injured Body

Are you trying to transform your body while injured? The following tips may help: 1. Receive an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. Our online client had an undiagnosed hip discomfort that deterred her from going to the gym. We recommended that she have her injury…

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Spring outdoor boot camp poster of green space

Endurance Spring Outdoor Boot Camp

Endurance Spring Outdoor Boot Camp  Improve your health and fitness in the outdoors with other supportive people in our Spring Outdoor Boot Camp! Each participant will receive a custom online nutrition and training plan from Dr. Kevin & Dr. Wendy! Boot Camp Details: Where: Central…

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Summer Fitness Challenge

Summer is almost here! Join our 13th annual Summer Fitness Challenge and work with coaches Dr. Kevin and Dr. Wendy! There are two options: 8 week challenge: 2 doctor-supervised meal plans (Vegan, Keto, Paleo, Gluten-Free, and more) 2 doctor-supervised training plans (Weight Loss, Fitness, Rehab,…

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Adjustable Standing Desks Reduce Pain

Do your muscles or joints ache and you sit behind a desk for many hours of the day?.The following information may help..Research shows that sitting for prolonged periods increases the risk of muscle and joint pain, heart disease, diabetes and cancer regardless of regular exercise..So…

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