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Sale Begins October 14

Summer Fall fitness transformation photos

Finish The Year Strong With Our Fall Fitness Sale!

Receive the following services with this limited time offer:

Doctor-Supervised Flexible Meal Plans

Doctor-Supervised Training Plans With Injury Rehab

Unlimited Online Coaching & Support

Training Plans Are At-Home Or Gym-Facility Based

Purchase the following packages today!

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  1. Hi Kevin, I am interested in your 3 mrh program Quick history:
    I’ve competed twice in the NPAA with a Coach. I left her program a few yrs ago, now possibly considering one more competition!
    I changed my diet in May to vegetarian based and am struggling with the correct protein/carb balance. My questions….do you base your diet on macros?? Would you be able to help me with the correct foods?
    Thank you for your time!

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