Sweet Potato Muffins

Are you looking for a protein-packed, gluten-free, sugar-free, flourless muffin recipe?.These Sweet Potato muffins really hit the spot!.Ingredients:1/2 cup granulated sweetener of choice.1 Tbsp baking powder.1 tsp cinnamon.pinch sea salt.1 cup mashed sweet potato.2 Tbsp shredded carrots (optional).1 cup dairy free milk.1 flax egg.1 tsp…

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Taco Tuesday

Are looking for a Taco Tuesday Recipe?.Give this one a try!.Prep Time: 10 mins.Cook Time: 12 mins.Total Time: 22 mins.Yield: 4-6..Ingredients:1.5 pounds ground beef, chicken, or black beans, seasoned and cooked.1.5 cups cheese (can use dairy free).1 cup fresh salsa.1 cup guacamole.1/2 cup sour cream…

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Protein Rice Krispie Photo

Protein Rice Krispie Square

Are you looking for a sweet, crispy, gooey, and protein packed treat that can be enjoyed any time of the day? These Protein Rice Krispie Treats are absolutely delicious! They are vegan/gluten-free/refined-sugar free and only take 30 minute to prepare! Ingredients: 4 cups crispy rice…

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