Cyndi’s Post Partum Transformation

  This is Cyndi’s Post Partum Transformation: “2 years ago I nervously stepped on stage for the first time and placed 3rd in bikini and 5th in fitness model.  I was shocked and amazed at my post partum transformation with Dr. Wendy and  Dr. Kevin‘s…

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Before after photos Madeline

Weight Loss Transformation

  When I first approached Dr. Kevin and Dr. Wendy, my nutrition and training were pretty good. Basically, my mindset going into coaching with them was wanting to know how much I should be eating and how much cardio I should be doing while preparing…

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Traditional Chinese Medicine Treats Flu

TCM and Colds & Flu The treatment principles for each of these manifestations of a Wind attack is to expel the Wind pathogen and eliminate the other pathogens that accompany it, and strengthen the patient’s Qi if the patient is weak. The primary focus of…

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Fitness Transformation Before photo Karen

Fitness Transformation – Karen Morgan

I have always been involved in some type of sport, but never really fell in love with any activity until I started going to the gym and using weights to achieve a true fitness transformation. I became very focused on weight training when I quit…

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golfer chiropractic patient injury chartphoto

Chiropractic Care Improves Golf Game

Studies show that more than 80 percent of golfers experience back pain or injury at some point while actively playing golf. In one study of 154 professional golfers, 55% reported a history of low back pain. This pain was of an adequate level to miss…

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