Chris Worden


I started training with Kevin Ashby in May of 2009. I had just finished a stressful year of school while working in an office environment for the first time and found myself 30 pounds heavier than I had ever been. I found that I was lacking energy, unable to keep up with my friends in physical activities, and most importantly, I felt horrible about my appearance and how I had turned to such an unhealthy lifestyle.

I was in need of making some lifestyle changes and Kevin and Wendy have helped me do just that. We set some goals for an 8 week training program which included everything from nutrition to the routines at the gym with Kevin and Wendy or when I was by myself. One thing that I learned from my personal training experience is the importance of knowledge and their ability to keep you motivated. With their support and encouragement I was able to go from 214 lbs to 176 lbs and I brought my body fat down by 10% by the end of the 8 week program. The results I achieved has motivated me to continue living a healthy lifestyle, given me the energy I felt I was lacking, and I could feel my confidence glow as I walked back into the University and received the acknowledgement from many people who noticed my body’s transformation.

Kevin and Wendy will serve as a valuable resource to anyone whom chooses to have them as a personal trainer and I hope that they can take advantage of their knowledge just as I do. They are creative and energetic and manage to practice professionalism and fun while staying serious about achieving your goals. They dedicate themselves 100% to live a healthy and active life, and their passion unconsciously inspires everyone around them. It was a lot of hard work to achieve my goals but I truly believe that Kevin and Wendy’s openness, knowledge and support is what allowed me to stay with my fitness goals. I can’t thank them enough and look forward to their continued support while I continue to set new goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle.