Third and Forth Week Weigh-In

So this week Kevin, Wendy and their amazing client Stacy were back on Breakfast TV: We talked about jazzing up your ab’s routine and circuit training Endurance 8 Fit Camp Style.Here are some tips1. do more than a simple crunch for your abs routine, try…

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Second Week Weigh In

So proud of the ladies who are taking part in Endurance 8 Fit Camp’s Biggest loser challenge! After two weeks the results are in, the ladies are down collectively another 9.4 lbs that makes their total to date about 40 lbs down! Great work ladies…

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First Week Weigh-in for Endurance 8 Fit Camp

So our E8-Fit Campers survived their first week… We are training 6 ladies including our Biggest Loser Contestant Stacy and charting their progress with regular weigh-ins. We are so proud of the amazing energy that these ladies bring to each of their workouts. Here are…

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Endurance on 8th – Online Nutrition & Training Membership Program

Why provide “affordable” online nutrition and training plans? After working in the industry for a great number of years, the doctors noticed that many people were unable to afford the “expensive” nutrition and personal training plans provided by various professionals.Β  With plans ranging from $250/month…

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Best Alternative Cardio for Weight loss

Hi Everyone, So Kevin, Wendy and BT’s Biggest loser contestant Stacy were on location this morning shooting live from World Health Club. Stacy has been doing her Endurance on 8th Fit Camp (for more details go to our website, and spending time doing Cardio…

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Endurance on 8th Health Centre

So excited to have started a blog…. We are off to an amazing start this September, Doctors’ Kevin and Wendy have been chosen to take an amazing client named Stacy through a 12 week biggest loser competition on City TV’s breakfast TV (calgary, channel 8).…

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