NPAA Workshop - March 8, 2014

Please join us on March 8, 2013 for our competition preparation workshop in Calgary in preparation for the upcoming NPAA Canada Classic! Last March, we had 125+ athletes from across Canada travel to attend our workshops in Calgary and British Columbia for the NPAA March Madness Super Weekend!

Do not miss this opportunity to learn from the best! Our NPAA Workshops are the #1 most attended and athlete/coach-endorsed seminar in the industry! Over the last 7 years 1000+ athletes have graduated from our workshops and shined on the competition stage. Our delivery is non-intimidating, fun, athlete/coach-focused, and full of information that every competitor needs to succeed on the competition stage and onward.

Expect the highest standards of competition preparation... We don't just teach simple posing... We teach you how to compete... We introduce you to the best vendors in the industry... We provide the best swag, prizes, and scholarships because NATURALLY you deserve nothing but the best!

NPAA Workshop vendors and sponsors include:
Endurance on 8th Health Centre
Magnum Nutraceuticals
Dynamis Fitness and Lifestyle Inc.
Official NPAA Photographer, Tim Dardis Photography 
CABA Fashions Competition Suit and Active Wear 
Mipstick Boutique Competition Shoes and Accessories
Bronze Baxx Tanning Studio 

Registration for the NPAA Workshop (Calgary) is open at

Expect excellence... Become the best natural athlete you can be... THIS IS OUR SPORT!


Place your bets: Endurance’s Super Bowl 2014 Prediction - Let's look at the stats


Record breaking regular season means Super Bowl loss:

The 1983-84 Redskins set the record for regular season points scored (541) and then lost to the Raiders in the Super Bowl.  The 2007 New England Patriots eclipsed the record with 589 points in their undefeated season and were beaten by the NY Giants in the Super Bowl.  So why should we believe Denver with their record breaking 606 regular season points will win this year’s Super Bowl?  Try to put your man crush for Peyton Manning aside…. it doesn’t look good for the Broncos.  

4 neck surgeries? No problem… Playoffs?  Problem:

Peyton Manning is arguably one of the best Quarterbacks in NFL history.  Diagnosed at 16 with a spinal curvature that was less than ideal for football, he never missed a game due to injury between the ages of 15 and 35.  However, by 2010 his neck began to fail him.  Pinched nerves, disc herniations, etc. placed him under the knife more times than the average individual.  See this link for a full description of his ordeal.  Nonetheless, this did not stop the 37 year old icon from throwing 55 touchdowns in 16 regular season games this year.  The problem is that he has thrown 4 in 2 playoff games while the team averaged 25 points in those games (compared to the 38 in the regular season).

Lynch on the loose:

Knowshon Moreno became the first Bronco in history to combine 500 yards receiving with 1000 yards rushing.  However, during the playoffs he rushed for 141 yards and 1 touchdown compared to Marshawn Lynch’s 249 yards rushing and 3 touchdowns.

Overall, the “Super-Manning” Broncos may have the offense to combat the legendary defence of Seattle’s “Legion of Boom,” but history may not be on the side of the Broncos.  Will Peyton Manning be the athlete to re-write history?  Nope

Go Seahawks! 

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Cynthia Coleman Mom Transformation: Top 5 Figure Athlete!

"I have been active for many years between running marathons, sprint triathlons, and going to the gym. I am always up for a new challenge to push myself to a new level so when my co-worker recommend I try a body competition I was up for the challenge. He recommended that I talk to Kevin and Wendy at Endurance on 8th as they know their stuff.

December 2012 I made that call and met with Kevin.  After that first meeting I left the office super stoked and ready for this next challenge.  I was given a meal plan and training plan that pushed my limits. Photos were sent to Wendy weekly making sure my progress was going in the right direction and honest feedback was given. Every few weeks Kevin and I would meet and go over my training and nutrition making sure everything was going good and there were no issues.  I was pushed to be my best with the programs. Some of them workouts I thought I was actually going to die but that feeling you get when you completed is such a feeling of satisfaction.

The support and inspiration that I received from Kevin and Wendy made this experience so enjoyable that I am still working with them and looking at doing another competition in November.

Thank you Kevin and Wendy"


Cindi Goodjohn Mom Transformation: Top 5 Fitness, Top 3 Bikini Model!

" I could not be more thrilled with me transformation and experince with Endurance on 8th.  Not only have I met a great group of people and network of support, but I've gained the knowledge and ability to maintain a balanced and clean lifestyle.  I'm happier mentally and physically that I've ever been, and that says a lot as I'm probably under the most stress in my personal life than I've ever been.
I met with Wendy 7 weeks postpartum (I was a bit eager to start feeling myself again!).  Wendy put me on a nutrition and at home workout plan that I could manage while adjusting to limited hours of sleep and nursing (it was important to me that my personal fitness goals did not impact my ability to be able to nurse my baby).  It was great working with Wendy as she understood what I was going through and was very cautious about ensuring my babies need came first, but at the same time, helping me to see results!  
After a month of clean eating and getting back into a workout routine, I met with Wendy again and decided to train for NPAA competition.  Having a goal of walking on stage at 7 months postpartum was a huge motivator (and intimidator!)  Wendy ensured that all of my workouts could be done in my (very pathetic) at home gym while my little guy napped.  She anticipated things that I never thought about (night time baby feeding's that caused me to be extra hungry) - Wendy prepared me with solutions so that I knew exactly what to do!  And if something ever came up that I was unsure of, she was always just an email away to answer my questions (which there were many closer to stage day!).  I've never felt so comfortable in my own skin and know that I never would have been able to achieve these results without the help of Wendy.  
I've worked out my entire life, and yet I've never seen the type of results I've seen working with Wendy as my coach.  By doing the right types of workouts along with a nutrition plan that was tailored for me I saw almost immediate results.  For me this means eating right, most of the time...  But at the same time, I enjoy my wine and coffee creamer - Wendy just helped me figure out how to manage everything properly!" 



Straight flexing 

Loosen up your stiff joints and tight muscles with our flexibility and restoration bootcamp!

Endurance is proud to present this 40 minute class dedicated to increasing your range of motion and performance and reduce chance of injuries!


Who: Sam Medina
What: Stretching, flexibility, and relaxation
When: Mondays &/or Wednesdays
Start date: June 4, 2014
End Date: July 23, 2014
Time: 12:10 pm - 12:50 pm 
Duration: 8 weeks
Cost: $125.00 (1x/week) or $180 (2x/week)
Things to bring: Yoga mat & water


Click here to register or call us at 403-265-8383. You may also register online here.  Limit 5 people per class!

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