Gunn IMS Treatments Now Available at Endurance on 8th Health Centre!

What is Gunn IMS?

Supersensitivity and muscle shortening cannot be operated on and ‘cut away,’ while ‘painkillers’ and other analgesic pills only mask the pain (often poorly) and promote toxicity, compounding the problem. Neuropathy only responds to a physical input of energy.

Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) is a total system for the diagnosis and treatment of myofascial pain syndromes (chronic pain conditions that occur in the musculoskeletal system when there is no obvious sign of injury or inflammation). IMS is grounded in Western Medical Science, and has a solid foundation in its radiculopathic model of pain, which is now supported by many experts in the field. It was developed by Dr. Chan Gunn while he was a physician at the Worker’s Compensation Board of British Columbia in the 70′s, where he investigated the large number of mysteriously stubborn cases after frustration with the ineffective modalities at his disposal. The treatment, which utilizes acupuncture needles because they are the thinnest implements available that are designed to penetrate deep within muscle tissue, specifically targets injured muscles that have contracted and become shortened from distress.


IMS relies heavily on a thorough physical examination of the patient by a competent practitioner, trained to recognize the physical signs of neuropathic pain. This physical examination is indispensable since chronic pain is often neurological as opposed to structural, and therefore, invisible to expensive X-rays, MRI Tests, Bone and CT Scans. Failure to recognize these signs will result in an inaccurate diagnosis, and thus, a poor starting point for physical therapy.

The treatment involves dry needling of affected areas of the body without injecting any substance. The needle sites can be at the epicenter of taut, tender muscle bands, or they can be near the spine where the nerve root may have become irritated and supersensitive. Penetration of a normal muscle is painless; however, a shortened, supersensitive muscle will ‘grasp’ the needle in what can be described as a cramping sensation. The result is threefold. One, a stretch receptor in the muscle is stimulated, producing a reflex relaxation (lengthening). Two, the needle also causes a small injury that draws blood to the area, initiating the natural healing process. Three, the treatment creates an electrical potential in the muscle to make the nerve function normally again. The needle used in IMS, by stimulating muscle spindles, essentially becomes a specific and unique tool for the diagnosis of Neuropathic Muscle Pain.

The goal of treatment is to release muscle shortening, which presses on and irritates the nerve. Supersensitive areas can be desensitized, and the persistent pull of shortened muscles can be released. IMS is very effective for releasing shortened muscles under contracture, thereby causing mechanical pain from muscle pull. IMS, in effect, treats the underlying neuropathic condition that causes the pain. When competently performed, IMS has a remarkable success rate, as proven by the amelioration of symptoms and signs, even for chronic back pain with root signs.

IMS is comparable in some ways to acupuncture; however, there are a number of important differences. IMS requires a medical examination and diagnosis by a practitioner knowledgable in anatomy, needles insertions are indicated by physical signs and not according to predefined, non-scientific meridians, while subjective and objective effects are usually experienced immediately.

We are excited to announce that Gunn IMS will be available at Endurance on 8th Health Centre effective February 2014!

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Come one, come all! Feb 16th #Teamworkout



SUPERBOWL SUNDAY 2014 - commercials


It’s that time of year again where friends and family gather around the television to watch 4 hours of good ol’ American football. Whether you genuinely love the game or pretend to be interested, it's still a good time nonetheless. There is one thing that I LIVE for during the coming weeks of superbowl sunday.

Super bowl commercials.

All the major companies bust out their guns and creatively cause us to subconcisouly want their products. Remember the VW darth Vader Commerical they made? So good, and I still really want to buy a Passat. (Link is below if you missed it)


Unfortunately, since we don’t reside in America, we are not as privilege to view all the commercials during the game.

Good thing there's the internet!

Here are some leaks. They’re pretty good. Enjoy

 Dads can't always be there. That's why they want you to buy the new genesis. 0:11 is where it starts to get good Ha. 

Exactly, never comrpomise on the perfect car.


Well of course we'll watch some kind of soda maker commercial, especially if it's starring the two time named sexiest woman alive, Scarlett Johansson. 

John C. Reiliy does it all, he even wants me to file my own taxes. Probably wont, but still, I considered it for like a second. 

WHY. Why is so creepy? So creepy it needs to be shared.

How the Matrix never gets old, I will never know.

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NPAA Workshop - March 8, 2014

Please join us on March 8, 2013 for our competition preparation workshop in Calgary in preparation for the upcoming NPAA Canada Classic! Last March, we had 125+ athletes from across Canada travel to attend our workshops in Calgary and British Columbia for the NPAA March Madness Super Weekend!

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Expect the highest standards of competition preparation... We don't just teach simple posing... We teach you how to compete... We introduce you to the best vendors in the industry... We provide the best swag, prizes, and scholarships because NATURALLY you deserve nothing but the best!

NPAA Workshop vendors and sponsors include:
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Place your bets: Endurance’s Super Bowl 2014 Prediction - Let's look at the stats


Record breaking regular season means Super Bowl loss:

The 1983-84 Redskins set the record for regular season points scored (541) and then lost to the Raiders in the Super Bowl.  The 2007 New England Patriots eclipsed the record with 589 points in their undefeated season and were beaten by the NY Giants in the Super Bowl.  So why should we believe Denver with their record breaking 606 regular season points will win this year’s Super Bowl?  Try to put your man crush for Peyton Manning aside…. it doesn’t look good for the Broncos.  

4 neck surgeries? No problem… Playoffs?  Problem:

Peyton Manning is arguably one of the best Quarterbacks in NFL history.  Diagnosed at 16 with a spinal curvature that was less than ideal for football, he never missed a game due to injury between the ages of 15 and 35.  However, by 2010 his neck began to fail him.  Pinched nerves, disc herniations, etc. placed him under the knife more times than the average individual.  See this link for a full description of his ordeal.  Nonetheless, this did not stop the 37 year old icon from throwing 55 touchdowns in 16 regular season games this year.  The problem is that he has thrown 4 in 2 playoff games while the team averaged 25 points in those games (compared to the 38 in the regular season).

Lynch on the loose:

Knowshon Moreno became the first Bronco in history to combine 500 yards receiving with 1000 yards rushing.  However, during the playoffs he rushed for 141 yards and 1 touchdown compared to Marshawn Lynch’s 249 yards rushing and 3 touchdowns.

Overall, the “Super-Manning” Broncos may have the offense to combat the legendary defence of Seattle’s “Legion of Boom,” but history may not be on the side of the Broncos.  Will Peyton Manning be the athlete to re-write history?  Nope

Go Seahawks! 

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