Endurance on 8th Health Centre's New Year New You Challenge!

Work with celebrity coaches Dr. Wendy and Dr. Kevin Ashby!


2 customized nutrition plans

2 customized training plans

Weekly check-ins

Access to private Facebook page lead by Dr. Wendy and Dr. Kevin

Winner of the challenge is based on:

Before/after pictures and measurements

Grand Prize:





Due to demand we have added three challenges to cater to our patients and clients who want to enter!

1. First challenge dates Jan 11-Feb 22

(we will be picking one winner who will be put up against the next two winners for grand prize)

2. Second challenge dates Jan 18-Feb 29

(same as above)

3. Third challenge date Feb 1-March 7

(same as above)

Final winner and prize awarded on March 8!!






Amy's Testimonial


I had the privilege of working with Dr. Kevin Ashby for 10 weeks leading up to my first figure competition – the NPAA Canada Championships & Magnum Instincts Pro Show!


Kevin developed a structured meal plan for me, which evolved throughout the preparation process, to adapt to the changes in my physique and condition. The emphasis on eating a high volume of nutritious, clean and balanced foods was easy to understand and to buy into - and I believe that the overall delivery of this plan encouraged a healthy attitude towards eating throughout the preparation process.


Kevin's training programs were dynamic and challenging – but satisfying as well - as I was able to work my way up to completing workouts, and increasing my weights and training volume. From my training with Kevin, I saw improvements in my strength and endurance throughout the prep process, and was able to maintain my muscle mass into the competition.


Kevin’s reputation in this sport is well-earned; and his passion, integrity and strong foundation in fitness and nutrition went a long way towards making my competition preparation a positive and healthy experience.


Thank you, Kevin!




Amy Phinney


Madeline's Testimonial


When I first approached Kevin and Wendy, my nutrition and training were pretty good. Basically, my mindset going into coaching with them was wanting to know how much I should be eating and how much cardio I should be doing while preparing for my first NPAA competition. I’m happy to report, I walked away with so much more than that. Working with Kevin and Wendy I learned the importance of nutrient timing, lifting tempo, negative weight training, training intensity/density, and how my body responds to certain foods. Was I 100% perfect every day? Absolutely not, but this isn’t about being perfect – it’s a learning process. Learning what works for my body.


Over the course of 14 weeks, I also managed to learn a lot about myself using the tools that Kevin and Wendy gave me. I learned to push myself far past my comfort zone and I can accomplish any goal. It’s up to me. This whole process has been very eye opening and goes to show you how vital of a role nutrition plays a part in determining your physique. I’ve struggled with weight my whole life. Growing up a was extremely overweight and didn’t come to realize it until high school ended. Since then I’ve tried A LOT of different ‘diets’ but none of them stuck. It’s wasn’t until I found weight lifting that I understood what it really meant to make this a lifestyle that I actually enjoy living. Working out isn’t a punishment you must endure for eating food. Fueling your body properly should allow you to perform at its best while killing it in the gym. My mindset has totally changed.

"Kevin and Wendy understand that you need balance and have a life outside of the gym...."

Over the years I’ve also managed to accumulate a few injuries here and there, which affect my knees, hips, lower back, and shoulder. Kevin was able to modify my plan to make it work for my body and my limitations, which turned out not to be limitations because I could work past them. Watching and listening to other girls go through competition prep you hear them talking about doing 2-3 hours of cardio a day on top of weight training, eating nothing but chicken and broccoli, and rarely (if ever) getting to eat a cheat meal on their plans. I’m happy to say I was the complete opposite of this. Kevin and Wendy understand that you need balance and have a life outside of the gym. They believe in working harder not longer, meaning that both the intensity and density of workouts are high! All of this in combination attributed to me having a healthy and sane prep leading up to the competition.

I’m very grateful to have worked with two such wonderful people. The whole Endurance Team is so supportive, and they are truly there to help you every step of the way. But the support doesn’t stop when the show is over! I walked away with a plan of action for after the competition in terms of training and nutrition as well. A BIG thank you to Kevin and Wendy for helping me these past few months, who helped me in more ways than I can express through words. I’m eager to see how I can continue to improve my strength and endurance from here, and live this lifestyle long-term while working towards my goals as an NPAA athlete.


Treat the common cold/flu with Traditional Chinese Medicine

TCM and Colds & Flu

The treatment principles for each of these manifestations of a Wind attack is to expel the Wind pathogen and eliminate the other pathogens that accompany it, and strengthen the patient's Qi if the patient is weak. The primary focus of therapy, if the patient is not sweating, such as in a Wind-Cold attack, is to cause sweating and "release" the pathogen from the body. Treatment for Exterior Wind attacks may be performed via acupuncture, herbal medicine, Qi Gong, or a combination of these modalities.

If caught in the early stages (especially within the first few hours of the onset of symptoms) acupuncture, herbal medicine, and Qi Gong can be very effective at eliminating pathogenic influences. If the disorder has progressed beyond the onset of symptoms, or if symptoms have become severe, herbal medicine is generally the TCM therapy of choice, with acupuncture and Qi Gong exercises used as symptomatic relief and adjuvant therapies.

To keep the body's Qi strong and prevent Wind attacks, any of the three modalities may be used, as all of them have immunostimulating functions. In fact, several clinical studies have demonstrated that herbal medicine and acupuncture in particular reduce the incidence of upper respiratory tract infections and shorten the course of illness.

Acupuncture and Colds & Flu

Acupuncture treatment varies according to the presentation of symptoms and the predominance of Heat, Cold, or other pathogens and to the strength of the Qi. For example, in a Wind- Cold attack, acupuncture needles are placed in acupuncture points that eliminate Wind and dispel Cold and in points that treat symptomatic conditions such as runny nose and stiff neck. Representative points are Lung 7 (Lie Que), Urinary Bladder 12 (Feng Men), and BiTong. Each differential diagnosis requires different acupuncture points. For example, the primary point for a Wind-Heat attack is Large Intestine 4 (He Gu). For patients with weakened Qi, acupuncture may be used to strengthen the Qi at the same time.

Other traditional modalities may be used. A cold condition requires warming, and moxa may be burned on the acupuncture needle or held over the acupuncture point to stimulate it without burning the skin. Suction cups also may be applied to acupuncture points along the spine.

Herbal Medicine and Colds & Flu

Herbal medicine treatment varies according to the symptoms, the predominance of Heat, Cold, and other pathogens, and the strength of a patient's Qi. Just as individual acupuncture points and the combination of points into prescriptions vary according to the differentiated pattern of Wind-Heat and Wind-Cold, the use of herbal substances is differentiated as well.

Individual herbs that resolve exterior Wind-Heat or Wind-Cold are combined with specific herbs that treat symptomatic conditions and, if necessary, increase the body's resistance so that the pathogen can be eliminated more rapidly. For example, detoxifying herbs such as Jin Yin Hua (Lonicera) and Lian Qiao (Forsythia) are used to treat Wind-Heat, and Gui Zhi (cinnamon twig) and Sheng Jiang (fresh ginger) are used to treat Wind-Cold. These herbs may be found in classic formulas combined with other herbs that are then individualized to specific presentations.

Likewise, to strengthen Qi and boost the immune system, herbs such as Dang Shen (Codonopsis), Huang Qi (Astragalus), and Ban Lan Gen (Isatis) may be used in formulas.

One common herbal formula, Yin Qiao San, although originally designed for Wind-Heat attacks, has become a popular and readily available formula to take at the first sign of any exterior Wind attack. Another formula, Ma Huang Tang, was traditionally used for a Wind-Cold attack, but because of concerns over the safety of Ma Huang (Ephedra), it is recommended that such formulas only be used under the guidance of an experienced herbalist. Changes in diet may be recommended as well, depending on the condition.

Qi Gong and Colds & Flu

While not as popular as acupuncture and herbal medicine for the treatment of this condition, Qi Gong treatments may be used for exterior Wind attacks under the following circumstances:

  • To keep the immune system strong and prevent disease from arising. The Eight Brocade exercises and meditation have a strong effect on the immune system.
  • To treat symptoms during the course of the disease. Under these circumstances Qi Gong texts recommend that the mindful massage of acupuncture points such as Urinary Bladder 10 (Tian Zhu) and Bi Tong may help reduce symptoms.
  • To speed the course of disease by focusing on the internal regulation of Qi and by conducting Qi to the affected parts of the body.

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